It appears your browser doesn't support Microsoft Silverlight.

Your options are...

1. Install Silverlight (if your browser supports it) from Microsoft's website here.

2. Go to the [less sexy] HTML version here.

The Silverlight Version

Tiles view
    This page gives you an overview of all the servers currently using Autoadmin. You can also see if an admin or moderator is playing and if there are any requests for players.
Grid view
    This page gives you a "wall of text" style datagrid of the information which you can arrange and sort, to find the perfect game.
Geo view
    This view shows you where the servers are located, click the markers to list the servers, and find your game.
Punkbuster integration
    This feature lists all the Punkbuster screenshots, taken directly from i3d hosted game servers that use Autoadmin.
Server details
    Click on a server to see more details and a live scoreboard, updated every 30 seconds! You can also bookmark and visit their website from here.